ERPS #382 – 18 Dec 2012

Call to Order –¬†20:07 Julie P., Gerald, N, Michael W, Dan S – New: ¬†Alex Athougies (Mech Eng from SkyBox Imaging) President –¬†Nothing to report (NTR) Vice President –¬†absent Treasurer –¬†IRS Progress – Received –¬†Need to clarify fees –¬†Need more

ERPS #378 – 21 Aug 2012

Call to order – 20:26 Michael, Julie, Dave W, Gerry, (David Robb visiting) President’s Report – Julie had books from original Mariner TV Images –¬†NASA made raw image data available –¬†Eng Final Reports from various Mariner missions –¬†Writing a postscript

2008 Election Results

On Sunday, the Experimental Rocket Propulsion Society held it’s Annual meeting and elected Directors and Officers for the 2008/2009 year. Directors: The following people were elected as Directors of the Society (in no particular order): Julie Porter Stu Cobb Dave